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  1. When the jewelry stems from when, it may be difficult to verify accurately. But it is not difficult for us to think that from the beginning of human beings that when we are aware of decoration and beautification of themselves, humans have formed an inextricable bond with it. The most primitive jewelry of human beings can be traced back to the distant stone era.
    It reported that archaeologists found bead shells that were 100,000 years ago in the archeological collection of museums in Israel and Algeria, which was considered the oldest necklace decoration.
    The archaeologists Dierko and Van Ellen in 2004 also found drilling shell decorations in South Africa's cave named Bloomberg. This proves that this processing process appears earlier than people expected.
    The earliest jewelry discovered in my country is the original necklace of mountain -top people before 18,000 years (individual textbooks talk about 30,000 years). This necklace is composed of perforated animal teeth, beast bones and shells.

    At that time, human beings found the puzzling side of nature in the confrontation and nature of nature. The art form -primitive totem.

    During the original period, people put on the bone, animal teeth, and shells on the neck, inserting bird feathers on their heads, forming the earliest jewelry. The form of these jewelry reflects the hazy decoration consciousness of human civilization, reflects the cultural conditions and aesthetic taste of human beings at that time, and can feel the ancestor's thoughts and the enlightenment of human aesthetic consciousness.

    In the era of Paleolithic, more items were used as jewelry. As for archeological discoveries in the country, stone, bones, teeth, shells (mussels), eggshells, etc. are all used as a name Jewelry materials. At this time, most of the jewelry is relatively rough, but a small part of the jewelry has been processing in more detailed processing, and it is also wearing small holes or paint.

    After entering the Neolithic era, humans have accumulated more experience in production and life, can process more varieties of materials, and can also process more shapes of decorations And various combinations of it. During this period, the materials and forms of jewelry are more abundant, and they are very common in the aesthetic consciousness of many nations in the world with various fine or rude prices.

    Is when human beings enter a civilized society, due to the improvement of productivity, the development of economic and social, the progress of commercial civilization, and jewelry art have also made great development. To this day, jewelry has become an indispensable part of our lives.

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