Is Tianguan blessing?

I just watched the scum, I want to see the blessing of the official, but the novel is so long, I want to ask if it looks good, is it boring? Is it really abusive?

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  1. The blessing of Tianguan is a novel of original love, overhead history, and love type, which is very beautiful. The novel "Blessing of Heaven", the author Mo Xiang copper smell. On June 16, 2017, serialized at Jinjiang Literature City, the text was completed on February 25, 2018.
    . The main content of the blessing of Tianguan:
    The Tianshi blessing talked about a prince of the prince of the golden branch and jade leaf three times, and met with his 800 -year desperate ghost king Huacheng, and also Together with the story of one event after another.
    The past story layers of stories are unfolding. The female ghost Xuan Ji and General Pei Yan, the small national teacher half -month and Pei Su, Fengshuishu and Earth Division (Blackshui Shenzhou), Lingwen and Bai Jin, Wu Yong Ancient Country His Royal Highness, the grievances between these people were unveiled, and finally found that all the planners were the highest person in the heavenly court -Junwu.
    . The main character blessed by Tianguan:
    1, Xie Lian
    was originally a prince of Xianle Guo, and he practiced at the Emperor Tai Cangshan as a child. At the age of seventeen, the children (Huacheng) fell from the wall of the city wall at the age of seventeen. The mask dropped and became one of the "four scenes "-" Prince Edward ".
    2, Huacheng,
    Serbon ghost king, "blood rain exploration flowers". Yong Hongsheng Fengfeng, white skin, a black eye mask on his right eye, and silver butterfly chased in the sleeves of the placket. Broken the bronze furnace in Tonghuoshan became the best ghost king. The 35th priests had won and won the victory. Because of the priest destroyed the promise, the thirty -three temples were burned overnight.
    3, Junwu,
    The emperor of Shenwu, the first martial arts of the Three Realms, majestic and solemn. Usually, they are retreating, going out, or Zhenshan and Zhenhai. He had destroyed Bai Wuxiang himself in person.
    Extension information:
    "Blessing of Heavenly Officials" The role of the characters in the novel:
    1. Structure In terms of the whole "Heavenly Guan" love assists for Hua Lian; in vernacular words; in vernacular words The copy is the focus of the contradictions of the characters and the hub of the character relationship structure.
    2, plot: enrich the content of novels and increase highlights.
    3, character creation: provide a character with flesh, blood, and clear independent characters (the most outstanding contribution of novel characters).
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Tianguan Blessing


  2. I think the two are different.
    I I have read all three books of Mo Xiang. Honestly, I was addicted to magic and slag as soon as I saw them, but Tianyuan, I haven't seen it a few times. Give up after watching it for a while, and give up after a while. It's too slow, it's too hot, I really don't like it.
    For some time, I completely gave up Tianguan, but later, I wanted to be a fans, and it was best to go to Tianguan.
    Is when I look at it like this, I am addicted to it.
    The slow novels like "Tianguan", in fact, many people are as difficult to read as me, but I find that as long as I force myself to read, I can find its fun soon.
    Now, in these three novels, Tian Yuan is my favorite.
    The officials in the sky are also invisible, because the protagonists have created problems.
    of course, Huacheng is the love of people. He is really kind and waited for eight hundred years of thanks. In his opinion, no one can be kind. Thank you for his salvation. He is the most loyal believers.
    The famous saying in Huacheng, I remember it.
    Believe me, His Royal Highness. I will always be your most loyal believers. A middle -aged and second patient, he dreamed of saving the world (at least when it was young). But at any time, there is no doubt that he has this world. Pure.
    In fact, when I read this novel, I was also very angry. These people are not worthy of thanks at all.
    It people say that without Huacheng, there is no Huacheng. Without Huacheng, he will be without Huacheng. Will not succeed. Thanks to the Virgin Mary, there will be no good ghosts like Huacheng.
    But if you think about it, if you thank the mercy is not your "Notre Doodles", he will save Huacheng?
    Thank you for not saving Huacheng, then Huacheng will die. This will not be so good.
    Thank you for your success. Trust. Thank you for not without Huacheng, Huacheng can't not thank you.
    Arereyletes want to save the world from this kind of heart. This is rare in today's novels. Because most readers don't like the protagonist of this kind of person .
    but Xie Lian still sets the sympathy people like this.
    . She has succeeded, and her decision is not wrong.

  3. Link: PAN./S/
    This Extract code: WFBV Tianguan Blessing Fanwai
    Novel Author: Mo Xiang Copper Stink
    800 years ago, Xie Lian was Xie Lian. His Royal Highness of the Prince of Jinzhi Yuye, the unlimited sky of heaven. Who knows that once he was soaring, he became a martial arts god worshiped by 10,000 people, but he turned sharply, and he was degraded and degraded. Eight hundred years later, Xie Lian flew up again. This time, there were no believers and no incense. On the way back to the back of the rotten return one day, he picked up a mysterious teenager home, and this boy was actually the ghost king of the three realms -Huacheng! Comment on the work: This article builds a unique fairy world. The setting is novel and the fireworks have a strong breath. The narrative is bold and wild, sometimes coming, and sometimes rushing with legs, perhaps there are some flavors. The gods of various ways disturbed, and the lively manifestations showed their magical powers. But the most desirable is the relationship between the two protagonists: love hard, please love! Spiritual and weirdness has a single bell fairy Xia Xiu True inspirational person

  4. Only the beginning is attractive, and there is no selling point in the back. It was okay at the beginning, very new, but by the time of 100, haha, haha, all kinds of water, various aura, wolf king, what kind of ghosts are live broadcast? This person is so amazing, don't die, MMP !!! After that, there are various live broadcasts. , Can you water a little more? Moreover, you really don't mind if you are lucky, but the protagonist, but the protagonist's forcibly reduces the surrounding 5 million square kilometers of everyone's IQ?!! The king, why are you hundreds of years old? To be honest, those old ghosts eat more salt than the protagonist's meal, why do you have to be beaten with a punch !!! I personally think that I wrote this time Very failed, it became a brainless text, making money.

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