4 thoughts on “How much does a diamond ring cost?”

  1. The 5000 budget, you can buy a 40 -point diamond ring, and the price of diamonds has a great relationship with the quality of diamonds. Different quality corresponds to different prices. Generally, there will be a lot of discounts on online customization. If you are not assured, you can go to a physical store. During different brands, the price of diamond ring will naturally be different.

  2. Enough
    can buy a good quality of about 30 points of diamond ring
    The price of diamonds depends on the diamond 4C
    4c: cact (Clarity), Clarity CUT (cut)
    The price of diamond levels of the same weight is different. People accept it because online shopping is no stranger to them; the other is cheap, because its operating costs are generally saved by nearly 30 % compared to traditional counter jewelry sales models, so the price of diamonds will also decrease accordingly- . R n The method of buying is DIY --- Choose your favorite diamond precepts to process inlaid on the spot. You can see how your diamond ring is processed on the spot
    Too, called empty tutor, is composed of two parts: ring ring and inlaid. The part of the finger is called ring ring. The inlaid mouth is used to fix the diamond. Generally, 3 claws-6 claws are fixed. What the teacher wants to do is to slot 1/8 of these claws inlaid. Each slot must be kept at the same level, then the diamond is embedded in the slot, and all claws are clamped diamonds. The diamond is fixed. On the ring custard, finally polishing the entire ring and other follow -up processes. The style of the diamond ring can be arbitrarily matched or even DIY, and then the business is customized.
    n ! Such a personalized diamond ring is the most suitable for symbolizing beautiful love.

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