1 thought on “How many times to identify jewelry”

  1. 10 times the large mirror:
    The 10x large mirror is a must -have tool for identifying gems. In fact, quality inspectors must be used when identifying many types of items. The 10 -fold mirror is composed of three lenses. The qualified 10x picked mirror should be highly defined and can eliminate the spherical aberration and color difference that affects the gemstone. When in use, hold a magnifying glass with one hand, placed on the front of one eye, and pinch the jewelry bracket with the index finger and thumb (such as a gemstone in the naked stone) and approach the magnifying glass until the eyes can be possible Observe the gems clearly. For naked diamonds, apply crickets carefully to prevent falling. Generally 10 times the price of large mirror is about tens of yuan, and only hundreds of yuan is needed.

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