2 thoughts on “How is the atmosphere of Yipinhui Company?”

  1. The atmosphere is pretty good! The company is a new new retail technology company and has developed rapidly. The company cooperates with many well -known enterprises and institutions in the industry to gather many big cows in the industry retail and technology. It is very innovative culture, can learn new knowledge and skills, and grow very fast. Moreover, the benefits are great, 15 salary, five insurances and one fund, the housing provident fund is paid at 10%, the welfare of the weekend, paid annual leave, business trips, team building, etc. are relatively complete! In short, it is still good for employees! Baidu know more.

  2. Wuhu Yipinhui Life Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company registered and established in 2017-02-21 (wholly-owned legal person in non-natural person investment or holding). The registered address is located at 7, No. 106, Yinhu Middle Road, Jinghu District, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. Wuhu Yipinhui Life Technology Co., Ltd.'s unified social credit code/registration number is that the corporate legal person Zhou Yongge is currently in the opening state. The business scope of Wuhu Yipinhui Life Technology Co., Ltd. is: technical research and development, technical consulting, technical transfer and technical services for computer information systems, logistics information systems, and Internet of Things technology;设备、燃气用具、仪器仪表及配件、厨房设备、厨房用具及配件、五金电器、家用电器、锅炉、热水炉及辅助设备、酒店用品及设备、净水设备、弱电系统设备、安防器材、消防The sales, installation, and maintenance of the equipment, photovoltaic equipment, solar water heater, floor heating system equipment, radiator; gas alarm, stainless steel ripple hose sales, installation, and maintenance; domestic tourism services; labor services (except for projects involved in pre -licensed) ; Machinery and equipment leasing; automobile rental; road for ordinary freight; freight agency (agency) service; international cargo transport agent; technical development in the field of e -commerce platform software; advertising design, production, agency, publishing; insurance part -time agent (need It can be operated after obtaining permits); import and export of goods or technology (except for the state prohibited or involved in administrative approval of goods and technology import and export); corporate management consulting, business information consulting (except for pre -license); house lease, venue leasing; Property management; beauty and beauty services; health massage; urban garden greening; housekeeping services; design and construction of solar photovoltaic system projects; technical development and technical services in the field of distributed energy, heat and heat power three -link technology, heating system technology; The production and sales of heating engineering construction, heating equipment and construction materials; engineering information consulting, engineering materials information consulting, engineering cost professional consulting services, engineering supervision, engineering construction project bidding agents; design engineering, construction decoration and decoration engineering design Construction; the acquisition and sales of edible agricultural products, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical products (excluding dangerous goods), sports equipment and supporting equipment, clothing, digital products, books, instruments, clocks, office equipment, stationery, jewelry (no Contains naked diamonds), first, second, third, and third categories of medical devices, medicines, cosmetics, health foods, health products, nursing supplies, maternal and infant supplies, daily department stores, furniture, bathroom, craft gifts (except cultural relics), smart home furnishing, smart home home Equipment, decorative materials (except hazardous chemicals), sales of pre -packaged food, sales and maintenance of communication equipment, computer hard software; sales and maintenance services for cars, electric vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, agricultural machinery and agricultural tools and accessories; Management; marketing planning; brand image planning; supply chain management (except for the above scope involved in the pre -licensed); (The projects that must be approved in accordance with the law can be carried out after approval by relevant departments). Wuhu Yipinhui Life Technology Co., Ltd. invests in 0 companies outside and has 8 disposal branches. Look at the more information and information of Wuhu Yipinhui Life Technology Co., Ltd.

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