550 million years ago, the Earth's magnetic field plunged by 90%

Mars, which is at its closest 55 million kilometers from Earth, has long been considered by astronomers to be the best place for human colonization in the solar system because it has almost no atmosphere and is easier to land on than Venus.

But Mars wasn't born the way it is today. During the first few hundred million years of the solar system, Mars was much like Earth today. It had a thick atmosphere, a magnetic field, global oceans and rivers, and maybe even life and civilization, but those things disappeared 3.9 billion years ago.

The present study showed that the kernel of the planet Mars generator effect was suddenly stalled in 3.9 billion years ago. Scientists are triggered by Mars core cooling, but whatever you do, not the planet Mars has lost a global magnetic field generator effect, the atmosphere began to be the solar wind, surface water has also evaporated, only the area between ice sheets 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài.

What is less well known is that our Earth also lost almost all of its magnetic field 550 million years ago. The strength of the entire Earth's magnetic field dropped by 90% in a short period of time, and this phenomenon lasted for 15 million years. If it continued, the Earth's atmosphere would be blown away by the solar wind, and the Earth would become Mars today.

Fortunately, none of this happened. After a 90% plunge in the Earth's magnetic field 550 million years ago, it has been estimated that the Earth's magnetic field returned to 100% levels in a very short time, before the solar wind stripped away the Earth's atmosphere and life continued to evolve without much impact.

dcd584bc34a90094068e72dc839e03c2But the question is, why did Earth's magnetic field suddenly weaken 550 million years ago?
Will this happen again in the future? Could it be that the next time it weakens, the Earth will never regain its magnetic field, and the Earth will eventually become like Mars?

According to a study by geologists at the University of Rochester, the weakening of Earth's magnetic field 550 million years ago was actually caused by changes in the inner core.

As we all know, the earth beneath us can be divided into three layers from the outside in: the crust, the mantle and the core. The mantle can be subdivided into the upper mantle and the lower mantle, and the core can be subdivided into the outer core and the inner core. The outer core is the liquid iron nickel with great density, while the inner core is the solid iron nickel with great density.


Roll back time to 550 million years ago

The interior of the earth at this time, the liquid outer core and a solid nuclear mainland has not yet been completely distinct, so solid kernel and not fully cooling into solid, still maintained a liquid outer core together generator effect of planets about the earth, but in the long run as the mainland's core temperature and pressure, liquid iron nickel part began to have developed into a solid.

From a liquid into a solid, nature is impossible to maintain our planet before the generator effect, so the earth's magnetic field suddenly reduced to 90%, until 15 million years later, the earth's magnetic field began to recover gradually, until 450 million years ago, the earth's solid inland nuclear and liquid outer core had obvious dividing line, the earth's magnetic field was completely stable.

It is interesting to note that 550 million years ago, almost to the earth's magnetic field weakened at the same time, the earth happened so far cannot fully explain the "Cambrian explosion", the number of species began to appear in large numbers in earth's oceans, multicellular organisms also began to rapid development at the moment, and then is the Marine life and the rise of reptiles.

As reptiles reached their peak, dinosaurs came to dominate the Earth, and an asteroid strike 65 million years ago wiped out the dinosaurs, small mammals took the stage, leading to primates and then humans today.


The birth and evolution of life on Earth are closely related to the earth's magnetic field, and the change of the magnetic field can cause the change of the earth's environment, which will lead to the change of the living environment. As for whether the Earth's magnetic field will suddenly plunge again in the future, the answer given by the scientific community is no.

Because the outer core of the Earth is now completely separated from the inner core, the magnetic field strength will remain at its current level until the Earth's interior is completely cooled and the liquid iron and nickel of the outer core is completely solidified.

But by that time, human civilization will surely no longer be living on Earth, or even in the solar system.

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