wholesale jewelry making angel wings What is the saying of fish -shaped necklace?

wholesale jewelry making angel wings

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  1. wholesale stainless steel jewelry in miami The meaning of fish -shaped necklace is a symbol of Jiqing, rich, husband and wife, love happiness, future beautiful and lucky.
    Fish is the homophonic of "Yu", so people use fish shapes to imply "more than year" and "Ji Qing there are more than Yu". In fish -shaped patterns, the content and form of carp and goldfish are rich. It is because "carp" and "Li Yu", goldfish and "golden" are popular. Take the homophonic sound, there is a big carp "Deli Map", "more than years", etc. Because the fish directly corresponds to people's psychology of wealth, Jiqing, and blessing, and the meaning is good and happy.
    The breeding ability of fish is particularly strong, and it also caters to the expectations of the traditional Chinese and blessed and prosperous happy life. The natural phenomenon of fish cannot be separated from the water is the emotional expression of fish and water. It has pinned the affection of men and women, affection for couples, and happy.
    In said that there is a myth that the carp jumps on the dragon gate in the Han Dynasty. It is said that the carp jumps into the dragon gate to change into the dragon and rise to heaven. This has entrusted people to the good wishes of the quality of life and the good desire of flat clouds, and become a symbol of a beautiful future and luck.
    "fish" is also the same as "jade", which contains a strong auspicious meaning and taste. The so -called "Jin Yumantang" is how beautiful life fun and artistic conception.
    Mverly, the familiar traditional auspicious pattern of Yuer is still pleasing to people until today, and wearing gifts.

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