http c wholesale-body-jewelry What does Douyin live recharge mean

http c wholesale-body-jewelry

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  1. wholesale jewelry wire Change is the recharge and shake coin. The ratio of shaking is on the ratio, and the Douyin live broadcast function has been launched. When watching Douyin live broadcast, I encountered a favorite little brother and sister who wanted to reward gifts.
    The version of Douyin 11.6.0 as an example. After the Douyin charges the money, the user can reward the anchor. If he uploads the vibrato work by himself, you can also redeem the coin, and then buy it for your own work to boost your work. Instrument, of course, you can also buy it for your favorite works, and you cannot buy it if you do n’t charge the money.
    Douyin uses tips
    When using the Douyin APP, if the user encounters a favorite video, you can choose to collect it. Specifically, you only need to click on the right side of the video to share the icon. It's right. If the user wants to modify his personal information, you only need to turn on the phone, find the Douyin APP and open it from the phone desktop. After entering the app, click to switch to my page, and then click the editing information to choose to modify.
    If the user wants to view his income in Douyin, just click on the three horizontal icons in the upper right corner in the upper right corner of Douyin, then click on the wallet option, and then you can view your income.

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